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GUILLÉN professional experience in the field of carpentry turns 60 years, through which an important group of recognized national prestige among builders, developers and architects had been consolidated .

With artisans roots and wide experience of this profession, our business focuses on the development of all interior, standard and custom woodworking for both new construction and rehabilitation, as well as subsequent installation.
This business activity is developed with a full understanding of the technical, commercial and financial responsibilities, towards our partners, clients, facultative directions, etc ..., working with both private and public enterprises.

The business group GUILLÉN is composed of the following companies:
• GUILLÉN Industrias de la Madera, S.L.
• GUILLÉN Normalizados de Carpintería S.A.
• Euroreverse S.L.

Not only doors and windows

Since the first work in which GUILLÉN cooperated, the Clinical Hospital in Madrid, we have given a comprehensive solution to the carpentry chapter, covering both the inside and the outside woodworks.

GUILLÉN, while it is and has been recognized as one of the manufacturers of doors and cabinets with more seniority and prestige in Spain, offers a wide range of products and services to provide a customized solution to each of the items of woodwork that constitute a building project.

We adapt our knowledge to the needs of each of our clients, making available human and technical team with extensive experience in the wood sector.

Indoor Carpentry:

• Entrance doors
• Technical doors
• Swing, slide, folding and pivoting interior doors
• Swing, slide, folding and pivoting modular Wardrobes
• Swing, slide, folding and pivoting Wardrobes fronts
• Furnishing Wardrobes
• Paneling
• Suspended ceilings
• Skirtings
• Furnitures under sink
• Bath booths

Outdoor Carpentry

• Swing, tilt and slide wood windows
• Swing, tilt and slide wood balcony
• Indoor and outdoor Shutters
• Suspended ceilings
• Entrance doors


The brothers, Jesus and Ramon Guillén Aragonés, came from the defunct trading company "Manufacturas de la Madera Cuesta SA" in Villacañas (Toledo) of which they were active members until December 31, 1974. On this date the division from his activity was agreed, leaving for the parent company the initiated development in the new company "Puertas Cuesta" and for GUILLÉN the specialty of general carpentry.

On January 11, 1975 the Guillén brothers founded the family business group:

• GUILLÉN Industrias de la Madera, S.A.
• GUILLÉN Normalizados de Carpintería S.A.

Structuring these companies in two DGs:

• Production Management in Villacañas
• Business Management in Madrid

The linking of GUILLÉN to the building sector for sixty years, has helped us to acquire day by day remarkable knowledge and experience in the works, charging each case the most suitable joinery systems, according to the evolution of European technology and the demands of the building market.

In order to diversify and expand our market presence, in 2003, EUROREVERSE SL, the youngest of our societies, was founded.

After several years of prosperity, the first decade of the 21st century ended with the advent of a great economic crisis that affected our sector. After much effort, we managed to stay in the market.

Given that we had on the market over forty years, and due to the mercantile laws of the moment, our parent company was a S.A. For this reason we decided to give it a corporate structure more in line with its size. Since the Law of Limited Companies was developed, the S.A. stayed for groups with a very large and dispersed shareholder. The S.L. is conceived as a corporate form for companies with simple structure, with few and very concentrated shareholders. This second was our case, since we are a family business, so in order to adapt to our situation, and simplify processes, in January 2017 we changed our company GUILLEN INDUSTRIAS DE LA MADERA from S.A. to S.L.

For the same reason, at the beginning of 2017 we decided to perform the merger by absorption of the company EUROREVERSE PUERTAS S.L. by GUILLEN INDUSTRIAS DE LA MADERA S.L., it was registered on April 24, 2017.

Right now we manage all our commercial operations through the company GUILLEN INDUSTRIAS DE LA MADERA S.L.


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